Osborn Students
Where do I vote?

 Vote YES for Our Osborn Students

Your YES vote is approving a continuation of the existing override. It is not a new tax, therefore, not increasing your tax rate. The best investment for our community is to provide children with quality education and voting YES will do that.

Voting YES will not increase your taxes, and will maintain critical programs:

  •  Class size reductions
  •  Full day Kindergarten
  •  Art, Music, PE, and Library
  •  Student Intervention Services and support
  •  English Language Learner (ELL) materials and supports
  •  Staff development
  •   Gifted Resources
  •   Technology support staff
Osborn Student

  Budget Override Questions

Is this a new tax?

ANSWER: No, this is NOT a new tax. This is a continuation of the current 15% override approved by the voters in 2013. If this proposed override passes, the current $2.4 million in additional override funds for Osborn students will continue for another seven-year period.

What if the override fails?

ANSWER: The current override ($2.4 million) will be cut from the District’s operating budget over the next two years if the proposed override continuation fails. It is expected the reductions will come from all areas of the M&O Budget which will impact class size, programs to students and staff salaries

Osborn Override Supporters